Localize Software, Documents, and Data

Soluling localization tool is the easiest way to create and maintain multilingual software, documents, and data. Add Soluling as a part of your development process. No matter if you use continuous localization or waterfall localization, Soluling works with your process.

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Soluling has the features you need

  • Scan your files locally on your build server or development machine — no need to send source code to a localization service or to give a localization service access to your repo.
  • When scanning, Soluling completely decouples strings from your files, letting translators and developers work simultaneously.
  • Soluling lets you localize everything: strings, layout, images, colors, etc.
  • Soluling has visual editors that show the original and localized UI in real time.
  • Soluling knows even the most complex resource formats. No need to limit only to a simple JSON.
  • Soluling knows the project file formats. For example, instead of selecting dozens of .resx, .xaml, and/or .rc files you only select one: .csproj, .vbroj, .sln, .exe, or .dll file.
  • During your build process, Soluling creates up-to-date resource files and injects translations into them.
  • Output files that Soluling creates are ready to be deployed.

Soluling understands your file formats

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Soluling machine translators

Soluling increases your translation speed and quality

With Soluling, localization is easy

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