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Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

Use this dialog to configure Microsoft Translator.


Microsoft Translator is a free service of up to 2 million characters per month. If you use more, you have to pay. Even if you use only a little, you have to get your own personal account. Key specifies the user account that the Microsoft Translator uses. If you have used Custom Translator to train Microsoft Translator, enter your category id in the Category ID field. Click the Test account button to perform a test that makes sure that your account works correctly.

If you don't have an existing account or want to make a new account check, I don't have an account or create a new one checkbox. When checked, the dialog will show an extra button:Click Get account button to go to subscribe to Microsoft Translator (steps 1, 2, and 3).

Write down or copy your key. Once you have it, enter it into the corresponding Key edit field in this dialog.


Endpoint edit specifies the endpoint where the access token is acquired. The format depends on your translator resources. If you use the free version the format is


Replace region with the region code where you translator resource is located. For example if you region is West US 2 use

If you have your own custom domain (i.e. paid version), use the following format.


Replace the service name with the name of your Translator resource. For example, if your resource name is MyTranslator, use

Caregory ID

You can specify an optional property for the machine translator in the Category field, such as an instruction to use your own custom MT model.

Supported languages

This group shows the list of languages that Microsoft Translator supports.