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Import from existing localized files

This feature is one of Soluling's most important features. It lets you completely reuse the translation work you have already done. If you have an existing project, you might have localized files for it. Maybe you created them manually, used some other localization tool, or you used Soluling but lost the project file. Don't worry. Soluling can import all your existing translations from localized files. There are several points where you can import existing localized files:

Import existing localized files once you create a new project

When you create a new project, you select the original file. Once you have selected the file, Soluling will look if there are any existing localized files. If there are, it will show up a sheet that lets you choose the files you want to import.

Import existing localized files manually after you have created the project

Use this approach if Soluling did not find your existing localized files. Select Translate ribbon bar and click Import file.

Import existing localized files automatically after you have created a project

You can automatically import all existing localized files into your project. Use this if you have used some other tool or editor to modify them and want to import data into your project files. Select Translate ribbon bar and click Import localized files.

You can also import existing translations from glossaries and translation memories.