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Supported Formats

Supported Formats

Soluling supports 100+ formats, including most application, resource, document, and data formats plus several databases.

File or database Description
.NET .NET assembly files such as application files (.exe), library files (.dll), project files (.csproj, .vbproj, vcxproj), solution files (.sln), resource files (.resx) and XAML files (.xaml)
Access Access databases (.mdb, .accdb)
Android Android project file (.iml, .project, .csproj), Android application package files (.apk), and Android value resource files (res\values\*.xml)
Angular Angular resource files (.xlf, .xmb,.json)
Angular translate and Ngx-translate Angular translate and Ngx-translate resource files (.json)
ASP.NET Core Web applications, services and APIs written in ASP.NET Core using Razor Pages, MVC or Web API (.resx, .aspx, .cshtml, .vbhtml, .csproj,.vbproj)
ASP.NET Framework Web applications, services and APIs written in ASP.NET using Web Forms, Web Pages, MVC or Web API (.resx, .aspx, .cshtml, .vbhtml, .csproj, .vbproj)
Binary file Files containing simple binary data
Blazor Blazor applications (.csproj)
C++Builder VCL C++Builder VCL applicarion files (.exe) and library files (.bpl, .dll)
Databases Databases (Access, MySQL, SQLite, and SQL Server)
Delphi VCL Delphi VCL application files (.exe) and library files (.bpl, .dll)
Delphi FireMonkey Delphi FireMonkey application files (.dproj)
DITA DITA files (.dita)
Django Django resource files (.po)
Excel Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (.xls, .xlsx). Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. The user selects the sheet and columns that should be localized or imported.
Flutter Flutter resource files (.arb)
gettext and po gettext/po files (.po and .pot)
Go go-i18n files (.toml)
Help & Manual Help & Manual projoject files (.hmxp)
HTML HTML files (.htm, .html) including HTML 5
HTML Help and CHM HTML Help/CHM files (.chm)
i18next i18next resource files (.json)
Ini file Ini files (*.ini) are a legacy text-based file format that contains one or more sections where each section contains one or more properties.
iOS Xcode projects (.xcodeproj), iOS/macOS strings file (.strings), Interface Builder files (.xib) and Storyboard files (.storyboard)
Java Java application packages (.jar) and resource files (.properties)
Java EE Java EE files (.jsp, .gsp, .properties)
JavaScript and TypeScript JavaScript and TypeScript files (.js, .ts)
JSON JSON files (.json). Very popular a light way, and text-based structural file format.
JSP Java EE files (.jsp, .gsp, .properties)
Lazarus Lazarus gettext/po files (.po and .pot)
LWUIT * LWUIT (Java Micro Edition) applications (.jar)
macOS Xcode projects (.xcodeproj), iOS/macOS strings file (.strings) and Interface Builder files (.xib)
Magento Magento translation files (.csv)
Markdown Markdown files (.md,.markdown)
Midlet * Midlet (Java Micro Edition) applications (.jar)
MySQL MySQL databases
PHP PHP files (.php, .po)
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL database
PowerPoint PowerPoint files (.pptx)
Python gettext/po files (.po and .pot)
Qt Qt project files (.pro) and Qt string resource files (.ts)
React React resource files (.json)
Resx .NET resource files (.resx)
ReportBuilder * ReportBuilder files (.rtm)
RTF Rich Text Format files (.rtf)
Ruby on Rails Rails files (.yml, .yaml, .erb)
SalesForce SalesForce Translation Import/Export files (.stf)
Script and source code Source code files (.c, .cpp, .pas, .bas, .vb, .java, ...)
Silverlight * Silverlight package files (.xap) and resource files (.xaml, .resx)
SQL Server SQL Server databases
SQL Server Compact SQL Server Compact databases (.sdf)
SQLite SQLite databases (.db)
SubRip SubRip subtitle files (.srt)
Subtitle files Subtitle files (.srt, .vtt)
Svelte Svelte-i18n resource file (.json)
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files (.svg). Popular XML based vector graphics file format.
Text files Text files
TMX TMX files (.tmx). Popular XML based translation memory exchange file format.
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Universal Windows Platform (UWP) project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .jsproj) and resource files (.resw, .resjson)
Visual C++ Native Windows application files written in Visual C++ (.exe, .dll, .ocx, ...)
Visual Studio projects Visual Studio project (.csproj, .vbproj, .vcxproj) and solution (.sln) files
Vue Vue resource file (.json)
Web applications Web applications and pages
WebVTT WebVTT files (.vtt)
Windows App SDK/WinUI Windows App SDK/WinUI project files (.csproj) and resource files (.resw, .xaml)
Windows Forms (.NET) .NET project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .vcxproj) and assembly files (.exe, .dll) that use Windows Forms
Windows Phone * Windows Phone application files (.xap) and resource files (.xaml, .resx)
WiX Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) project files (.wixproj) and language files (.wxl)
Word Microsoft Word files (.docx)
WPF (.NET) .NET project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .vcxproj) and assembly files (.exe, .dll) that use Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
Xamarin Xamarin project files (.sln and .csproj)
XAML XAML files (.xaml)
Xcode Xcode projects (.xcodeproj), iOS/macOS strings file (.strings), Interface Builder files (.xib) and Storyboard files (.storyboard)
XLIFF XLIFF files (*.xlf, *.xliff). Popular XML based localization file format.
XML XML files (.xml). Very popular text based structural file format.
XSL XSL files (.xsl)
YAML YAML files (.yml). Popular a light way, and text-based structural file format.

Each file and database support is implemented through a parser.

* indicates a deprecated file format. You can use it, but we do not give support or develop the format anymore.