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Help & Manual Localization and Internationalization

Help & Manual Localization and Internationalization

Help & Manual (Wikipedia) is a Windows based help authoring tool. Soluling can be used to localize Help & Manual projects.

The end of the document contains links to get the full source code of the samples. After reading this document, we recommend reading a tutorial about how to use Soluling.

Localization Process

Soluling reads the original Help & Manual project file (.hmxp) to extracts topics and other items. Finally, when building, Soluling creates localized Help & Manual source files. There is one output directory for each language.


GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\HelpAndManual contains following Help & Manual sample files:

Directory Description
Sport A simple Help & Manual project.

Configuring Help & Manual Localization

You can configure how to localize your Help & Manual project by selecting the item in the project tree, right-clicking, and choosing the Options menu. A source dialog appears that lets you edit the options. This source uses the following option sheets.

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