Document files Document files

Soluling can localize several kind of document files. Supported file formats are:

Format Description
DITA DITA files (.dita)
HTML HTML files (.htm, .html) including HTML 5
HTML Help and CHM HTML Help/CHM files (.chm)
Markdown Markdown files (.md, .markdown)
PDF PDF, Portable Document Format, files (.pdf)
PowerPoint PowerPoint files (.pptx)
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files (.svg). Popular XML based vector graphics file format.
Word Microsoft Word files (.docx)
XML XML files (.xml). Very popular text based structural file format.

Most document files do not have a unique id that could be used as a context. In that case the context is composed using the structural location in the document. This may change when the original documents gets edited. In that case Soluling uses a sophisticated matching technologies (e.g. In-Context Exact match) to match the existing translations to the new context. You will never loose existing translations. Unlike most other document translation tools Soluling keeps the strings and translations is a Soluling project file. The matching of existing translations happens inside that project file. In-Context Exact (ICE) match and others are used when find the match. External or shared translation memory is used only then translating new or modified strings. Because everything is in the project file you can easily send the project just by sending the .ntp file. No translation memory need to be sent.