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Project File

Project File

The project file is the main file of Soluling. File extension is .ntp. It contains all the information of your projects, such as the files and/or databases you have selected to be localized, the strings from those files, and all the translations. The file is an XML file using UTF-8 with BOM. Even you can use any UTF-8 enabled text editor to edit it; it is recommended that you use only Soluling unless you know what you are doing.

Soluling saves all file paths in the project file as relative paths. This makes it possible to copy the project file, for example, to the build server. Just remember to uses the same relative paths for all files and directories in the build server.

Soluling also gives you an option to store your project in several files. If turned on, then Souling stores the project into a .ntp file but the sources into a .nts files. This makes the project file more Git friendly. Let's have an example. Our project file is called Sample.ntp. It contains two sources: Sample1.xml and Sample2.xml. By default, all project data is written into a single file: Sample.ntp. If we turn on the multi-file structure, then Soluling creates three files:

File Description
Sample.ntp This contains project settings but no strings or translations.
Sample.Sample1.xml.nts This contains strings and translations of Sample1.xml.
Sample.Sample2.xml.nts This contains strings and translations of Sample2.xml.

When a single file structure is on (default), you only need to backup the .ntp file. If a multi-file structure is used, you also need to backup .nts file(s).

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