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Use this sheet to edit the general settings of the project.

Project id

Shows the project id. Click Regenerate to assign a new id.

Project file structure

Specifies the sturture of the project file.

Value Description
Store everything into a single .ntp file All project data is written into a single project file.
Store large sources into .nts files The project is split into several files. Large sources (more than 10 000 rows) are written into project source files. Small sources are written in the project file.
Store all sources into .nts files As above but each source is written into the project source file. Project file contains only project settings and references to project source files.

The default value is Store everything into a single .ntp file. This single file structure is most convenient because all project data (original items and translations) are stored in a single file. However, if your file gets large, a single file is not ideal for Git because Git always stores the whole file not only the difference from the previous version. If you use Git and your Soluling project file(s) is large, and you want to optimize the Git repository size by selecting a multi-file structure (i.e., second or third option in the above table).

Component rules target

Specifies where the built-in component rules that are in use are saved.

Value Description
Project Into a project where they are common to all sources in the project
Source Into a source where they are source dependent.

Composite format string scan mode

Specifies how the placeholders of composite format strings are handled.

Value Description Example
Compact Default. If checked Soluling scans composite format strings as an universal form that means the placeholders show as a platform independed format. Each placeholder is marked with a yellow box with the placeholder number. Compact placeholder
Extended If checked Soluling works as above but in addition of the placeholder number, the placeholders show the formatting specific items. Extended placeholder
Plain text If checked Soluling scans composite format strings as a plain text and does not convert them to the universal form.. Plain placeholder

Alternative original language

Sets the alternative original language. If set, the original column does not show the value extracted from the source, but the translated value from some other language. For example, if your original language is Finnish and you have already completed the English translations, it makes sense to set the alternative original language to English because then your other translators would translate from English and not from Finnish.


History shows the dates when the project was created, last edited, and the version number of Soluling that was used to edit it.