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Silverlight Localization and Internationalization

Silverlight Localization and Internationalization

Deprecated. Use as it is, but we do not give support or develop the format anymore.

Silverlight (Wikipedia) is a subset of WPF that is to build browser applications.

Localization Process

Silverlight is used in web browsers and Windows Phone applications. As any other .NET application Silverlight application consists one or more assembly file. So basically with Silverlight you can use the same localization method as with WPF: select the assembly file you want to localize and Soluling creates either localized assembly files or satellite assembly files. However there is easier way. Silverlight applications are deployed as single file. This file, XAP file, is a zip file that contains all the assemblies used by the application and one manifest file. Because this one XAP file contains all the files you need it is more convenient to localize than several assembly files.


<data-dir>\Samples\Silverlight contains following Silverlight samples:

Directory Description Notes
Driving A sample that shows how to localize a Silverlight application. Try this first!
Plural A sample that shows how to use plural messages.  

Samples.sln is a Visual Studio 2010 solution file that contains all the above samples. All samples are written in Visual Studio 2010 and use .NET 4.0 framework. If you use later Visual Studio you can just open the solution and let Visual Studio to upgrade it.

Configuring Silverlight localization

You can configure how to localize your Silverlight application by selecting the item in the project tree, right-clicking, and choosing the Options menu. A source dialog appears that lets you edit the options. This source uses the following option sheets.