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i18next Localization and Internationalization

i18next (homepage) is a popular JavaScript internationalization library. Soluling localization tool and service support i18next resource files.


GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\i18next contains following i18next samples:

Directory Description Notes
Driving A sample that shows how to localize an Android application. Try this first!
Plural A sample that shows how to use plural messages.  
Simple A simple sample  

Configuring i18next Localization

You create a resource file localization project by adding an i18next resource file (e.g. D:\Sample\Sample\sample.json) into your Soluling project. You can configure how to localize your i18next resource file by selecting the item in the project tree, right-clicking, and choosing the Options menu. A source dialog appears that lets you edit the options. This source uses the following option sheets.