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Microsoft Excel

Excel Localization and Internationalization

Microsoft Excel (Wikipedia) is a popular spreadsheet application. In localization industry it is widely used to store and deliver translations. The most typical usage of Excel is to export translations into an Excel sheet, send the sheet to translator, and finally import translations from Excel sheet. Because Excel is so popular tool on localization Soluling's support for Excel is very extensive. Soluling supports all Excel files formats: the new Open Office XML file format (Excel 2007 or later), the old propiertary file format (Excel 97-2003), and OpenDocument Spreadsheet file format (OpenOffice). Soluling localization tool and service support Excel and OpenOffice.

Soluling can also export and import translations from Excel sheet. Soluling can also use Excel sheet as a glossary source. In addition Soluling can localize Excel sheets.


GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\Excel contains following Excel sample directories:

Directory Description
Samples for Excel 2007 and later
Xls Samples for Excel 97 - 2003


Samples for OpenOffice

Each directory contains following samples:

Directory Description
Simple A simple sample. Study this first.
Comment A sample file that contains strings and their comments. Uses also a header row.
Image A simple file that contains images.


A sample file that contains other data types but strings.
Sport A file that contains information about some sports.

Configuring Excel Localization

You can configure how to localize your Excel file by selecting the item in the project tree, right-clicking, and choosing the Options menu. A source dialog appears that lets you edit the options. This source uses the following option sheets.

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