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Excel definition

Excel definition

Use this sheet to select the Excel sheet, range in the sheet, and specify the structure of the selected range.


First rows of the selected range in the selected sheet shows the values of the first few rows of the selected range. This lets you easily figure out the structure of the file.

Use the Sheet combo box to select the sheet you want to use, localize, or import.

Empty value specifies the value of a cell that is considered an empty value.

Click Open in Excel to view the file in Excel.

Range group specifies the range in the sheet that contains the cells you want to use, localize or import.


Once you have selected the range, you must specify what kind of data each column contains. By default, Soluling tries to detect the format definition. If it cannot, or the result is not right, you can modify the definition by adding and editing columns. You can edit columns by selecting one and then right-clicking.

Click Add to add a new column. A popup menu appears that lets you select the type of the new column. Once added, use Move Up or Move Down button to move the column to the right location. Click Remove to remove the selected column. You can edit a column in two ways. Click Edit to show Field dialog that lets you edit all properties of a column. You can also quickly change the column type and encoding by right-clicking and choose the values from the popup menu that appears.

Your Excel file may be very complicated, and it may take some time to define the format. In that case, you might want to save the format in a file that it can quickly be reused in the future. Click Export to save the current definition into a file (.nti). Click Import to read a previously saved definition for a file. Importing will replace the current definition by definition in the selected file.

If you use the same definition over and over again, you can also save it into Soluling configuration so it fille be instantly available. To do that, click Use a share definition combo box and select <Add above definition in a list of definitions...>. If the definition that you want to use is already added into stored definitions, you can select that from Use a share definition combo box.