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Svelte Localization and Internationalization

Svelte Localization and Internationalization

Svelte (Wikipedia) is a popular JavaScript framework to build browser applications. There is no built-in localization support in Svelte, but you have to use a 3rd party implementation. The most common add-ons ise svelte-i18n. Soluling localization tool and service support svelte-i18n.

The end of the document contains links to get the full source code of the samples. After reading this document, we recommend reading a tutorial about how to use Soluling.


Install svelte-i18n.

npm install svelte-i18n



GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\Svelte contains following Svelte samples:

GitHub/Directory Description Notes
Sample Simple multilingual Svelte application using svelte-i18n
Try this first!
sport Localized application using svelte-i18n and consuming a multilingual Sport API.
Learn more about the application from here.