Features and Supported Formats

Soluling has all the features you need to localize your projects quickly. Soluling supports 100+ file and database formats.

Soluling contains editions for three kinds of user roles.

All editions have a perpetual license, and they contain one year support and maintenance subscription. You will get free updates and free support as long as you have an active support and maintenance subscription. The renew price for an additional year is about 1/3 of the license price. If you don't renew your support and maintenance subscription, you can still use your product, but you can not get updates or support.

Feature Matix

The following table shows the features each edition supports.

Feature Enterprise Professional Personal Build automation Professional Translator Free Translator
User role Developer Developer Developer Build automation Translator Translator
Use the GUI application -
Create a new project - -
Scan a project - -
Build a project -
Enter translations
Create an exchange package - -
Import translations -
Export translations - -
Use the pseudo translation - -
Use the spell checking -
Use the validation - -
Use file glossaries - -
Use local termbases - -
Use the machine translation - -
Use local translation memories - -
Use cloud services
Use remote termbases - - -
Use remote translation memories - - -
Use the command line tool - - - -

Read more about features.

Supported Formats

The following table shows the formats each edition supports. The table does not contain the build automation and translator's editions because they support all formats.

Feature Enterprise Professional Personal
.NET assembly file -
.NET project file
.NET resource file
Access database -
Android application file
Android project file
Android resource file
Angular resource file -
Angular-translate JSON file -
ASP.NET Core project file -
ASP.NET Framework project file -
ASP.NET Framework web site -
Binary file -
Blazor project file -
Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) file -
Delphi application or library file
Delphi form file
Delphi project file
Excel file -
Firebird database - -
gettext/po file -
HTML file
HTML Help file -
HTML project -
i18next resource file -
INI file
Interbase database - -
iOS/macOS strings dictionary file
iOS/macOS strings file
J2EE project -
Java archive file (JAR) -
Java properties file
JSON file
Markdown file -
MySQL database - -
Ngx-translate JSON file -
OpenOffice spreadsheet file -
PHP project -
PostgreSQL database - -
PowerPoint file -
Qt project file -
Qt translation file -
RAD Studio group file
React-Intl resource file -
Ruby on Rails resource file -
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file -
Silverlight file -
Source code or script file -
SQL Server Compact database -
SQL Server database - -
SQLite database -
Subtitle file -
Text file
TMX file -
Universal Windows Platform project file -
Visual C++ application or library file
Visual Studio solution file -
Vue I18n resource file -
WebVTT file -
Windows Forms application
Windows JavaScript resources file -
Windows Phone file -
Windows resource file
Wix language file -
Wix project file -
Word file -
WPF application
Xamarin project file -
XAML file
Xcode project file -
XLIFF file -
XML file
YAML file