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If you don't translate your project yourself, you probably have to send it to a translator to be translated. Soluling makes this easy. If you don't use cloud translation services, your option is to create the translation packages and send them to the translator manually. Translators send translated files back to you, and you import them to the main project file. You can create a translation package by choosing Translate | Translate ribbon button that starts Translate wizard. You can also create a translation package by choosing Translate | Create Translation Package ribbon button that starts the Create Translation Package wizard. Finally, email, ftp, or send them in some other to your translators. In some cases, export and import are very useful to exchange translations.

Manual sending is straight forward and easy to use, but it requires manual work. If your team localization gets bigger, you get more target languages, or you keep sending new packages frequently, manual sending might get very tedious even the wizard remembers your previous settings, and you don't have to enter all data every time. In that case, you can automate the process and make it much faster and easier by using the command line tool to send data to Cloud Translation.