Download Soluling setup file 1.0.1032 released on 08/07/2024.

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System requirements: Windows 7 (TLS 1.2 enabled) or later. Windows 10 or later recommended.

Installation Type

Use this same setup to install all kinds of Soluling editions such as Registered, Evaluation, and the free Basic Translator.

If you have purchased a Soluling license, select this.

Install registeted Soluling

If you have want to evaluate Soluling, select this. You can select that edition you want to evaluate.

Install registeted Soluling

If you are a translator and have received a Soluling job, select this.

Install registeted Soluling

Note, the free Basic Translator edition is a limited by lacking features such as spell checking, translation memory, and machine translation. Use the Professional Translator edition to get all translator's features.

Do I need internet connection during the installation?

By default, Soluling setup activates (registers) your installation. To do that, you need to have an internet connection. The activation process will send the following data to our server: your IP address, your MAC address, your OS version, your computer name, and the installation directory.

If you don't have an Internet connection check Do not activate check box in the Installation Type page.

Do not activate

You need to activate the installation later, and you will need an Internet connection. If your machine has no Internet, following to following instructions.

To activate a Soluling installation on a machine that does not have Internet

You need to use another Soluling installation on a machine that has Internet.

  1. Copy Documents/Soluling/Soluling.nto from the machine that does not have Internet to the machine that has Internat and installed Soluling.
  2. Start Soluling in the Internet machine and choose Options | General | Complete offline installation.
  3. Enter the path name for the Soluling.nto in the Soluling settings file field.
  4. Click Activate button.
  5. Copy Soluling.nto back to the no-Internet machine.

64-bit or 32-bit

Soluling setup application is a 32-bit Windows application that installs 64-bit Soluling on a 64-bit Windows and a 32-bit Soluling on a 32-bit Windows. If you want to install a 32-bit Soluling on a 64-bit Windows check Install 32-bit version instead of 64-bit version on Features page.

32-bit Soluling screenshot

Command-line parameters and a silent installation

SoluSetup.exe accepts the following command line parameters:

Parameter Description
-32bit Install a 32-bit version even on a 64-bit machine.
-activationfile Full path name for the activation file. Must be used together with serialnumber, firstname and lastname parameters.
-build Make a build automation installation. This contains the Soluling's command line tool.
-delete Delete the setup application after Soluling has been successfully installed
-eval Make an evaluation installation.
-firstname:firstname First name of the serial number holder. Must be used together with serialnumber and lastname parameters.
-lastname:lastname Last name of the serial number holder. Must be used together with serialnumber and firstname parameters.
-minimal Make a minimal installation.
-noicon Do not add an icon to the desktop.
-nosilent Perform a normal (not silent) install.
-serial:serialnumber Make a registered installation. serialnumber must be a valid Soluling serial number. Must be used together with firstname and lastname parameters.
-public Use the public document folder for the data directory instead of a personal document folder.
-silent Perform a silent install.
-trans Make a free translation edition installation.
-update Update the existing installation.
-wait In the case Soluling application is already running, wait for it to be closed.

If you pass any other command line parameter except -wait or -nosilent then then installation will be a silent one.

Update existing installation

Soluling gets new builds frequently. There are two ways to update to the most recent build. The first one is to click the Update available button on the main window. The button exists if there is a newer build available.

Update available button

When clicked, Soluling will automatically download the most recent build and updates the current installation with that.

Another option to update is to download the most recent Soluling setup file and run it. Make sure you keep Update the existing installation radio button checked.

Update existing installation


Use the standard Windows uninstall procedure. If the uninstallation fails, you can use Soluling's Clean utility to remove the installation and all the files and registry settings related to it.

Download Soluling Clean utility application.