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Soluling tools

You can use Soluling in various ways depending on your environment and needs.

Usually you will use Soluling in combination of above methods.

Defined Desktop application

If you are working on Windows operating system this is the best choice for you. Install Soluling GUI application into your computer and you have all the features of Soluling available. You can create and maintain your project locally on your computer but when it is time to translate it you can upload the project to the cloud.

You need to have Windows 7 or later to run the GUI tool.

Defined Command line application

This is most often used together with GUI tool but can also be used standalone. You can use the command line tool to perform most Soluling operations. Most typical usage is to call the command line tool from you build process.

You need to have Windows 7 or later to run the command line tool

Defined Browser application

Will be available in early 2021!

If you are a translator and you are not working on Windows operating system use this instead of GUI tool. Compared to GUI tool the browser tool is more limited but lets you to quickly view and enter translations into existing projects that have been uploaded to the cloud.

You can use the browser tool from any web browser on any device - even on tablets and phones.

Defined REST API

Will be available in 2021!

When you use the REST API you don't need to install anything and you can use it from any operating system. So if you are working on some other operating system but Windows you can use Soluling by using the cloud service. It contains an extensive REST API that you can use to create, maintain and translate you localization projects. Your translators use a browser tool to translate your projects, or you can use the REST API to include editing features inside your own application.

You can use the cloud API from any operating system.