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Soluling Resourcer

Will be available in 2021!

Soluling Resourcer, SoluResourcer.exe, is a tool that finds hardcoded strings from your source code files and replaces them with resource strings. Resourcer works on following source code files:

Unlike Soluling, Resourcer modifies your source code. It scans the complete source code of a project to find strings. If found and they are not marked to be skipped, Resourcer refactors that part to use properly internationalized syntax.


Adds i18n attribute to a template string. Wraps the hardcoded source code string with localize call.


Wraps the hardcoded string with ILocalizer instance.


Adds the hardcoded string to a .resx file and replaces the strings with the resource string.


Creates a local resource string containing the hard code strings and replaces the strings with the resource strings.