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The filter has several properties that let you specify what items are selected and what is filtered out. A filter is a combination of the following properties:

Sheet Description
View mode Use view mode as a filter.
Translation statuses Use translation statuses as a filter.
Translation review statuses Use translation review statuses as a filter.
Translation origins Use translation origins as a filter.
Priorities Use row priorities a filter.
Row statuses Use row statuses as a filter.
Data types Use data types as a filter.
Text Use context, original, or translation values as a filter.
Time Use time values as a filter.
Message string Use message string properties as a filter.
Row flags Use row properties as a filter.
Translation flags Use translation properties as a filter.
Duplicates Use duplicate values as a filter.

Depending on the context, one or more sheets may not be present. The filter is used in the grid, exporting, and reports.