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Translation Information

Create Report

Use this dialog to specify the properties of the report.


Specifies the file where the report is written to.


Check the languages you want to include in the report. There must be at least one


Specifies the report format. Possible values are:

Value Description
HTML Create a report in HTML format (.html)
Excel Create a report in Excel format (.xslx)
XML Create a report in XML format (.xml)
JSON Create a report in JSON format (.json)

If you change the file format, the file extension of the file name changes to match the file extension of the format.

Check Use UTC time if you want that all the dates and times in the report are shown in UTC (Wikipedia). If unchecked, dates and times are shown in your current time.


Specifies the filter that is applied when creating the report. You can use the filter to narrow down the translations, for example, by properties or by the translation date and time.