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Supported Desktop Applications

Soluling can localize several kinds of desktop application files. Supported file formats are:

Format Description
.NET .NET assembly files such as application files (.exe), library files (.dll), project files (.csproj, .vbproj, vcxproj), solution files (.sln), resource files (.resx) and XAML files (.xaml)
C++Builder VCL C++Builder VCL applicarion files (.exe) and library files (.bpl, .dll)
Delphi VCL Delphi VCL application files (.exe) and library files (.bpl, .dll)
Delphi FireMonkey Delphi FireMonkey application files (.dproj)
gettext and po gettext/po files (.po and .pot)
HTML Help and CHM HTML Help/CHM files (.chm)
Java Java application packages (.jar) and resource files (.properties)
Qt Qt project files (.pro) and Qt string resource files (.ts)
Resx .NET resource files (.resx)
Script and source code Source code files (.c, .cpp, .pas, .bas, .vb, .java, ...)
Visual C++ Native Windows application files written in Visual C++ (.exe, .dll, .ocx, ...)
Windows Forms (.NET) .NET project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .vcxproj) and assembly files (.exe, .dll) that use Windows Forms
UWP Universal Windows Platform (UWP) project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .jsproj) and resource files (.resw, .resjson)
WiX Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) project files (.wixproj) and language files (.wxl)
WPF (.NET) .NET project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .vcxproj) and assembly files (.exe, .dll) that use Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
XAML XAML files (.xaml)