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Database Termbase

A database termbase is a termbase where data is stored in a local or server database. Following databases are supported:

Database Description
SQLite This is the default termbase database. It does not require any database server, but the database is a single SQLite database file. When you install Soluling setup will create an empty termbase into <data-dir>\Termbase.db
MySQL * If you have MySQL server installed, you can create your termbase into your MySQL.
SQL Server * If you have SQL Server installed, you can create your termbase into your SQL Server.

*) MySQL and SQL Server termbases are not available on every Soluling edition.

If you don't have to share the terminology with other users, it is recommended to use a local SQLite database. If you decide to use MySQL or SQL Server, create first an empty database using the database's admin tools. Then add that database into Soluling's termbase list. Soluling will create termbase tables into the database.