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Firebird Localization

Firebird (Wikipedia) is an open source database server.

Soluling can localize Firebird databases. You need to use Soluling Enterprise to localize Firebird databases. In addition, your operating system must have a Firebird client library, fbclient.dll. If you have installed Firebird on your machine, Solulng automatically finds the DLL. If you haven't installed Firebird on your machine, you have to copy fbclient.dll to a directory that is on the path.

We recommend using UTF-8 as the character encoding. If you use a legacy encoding such as iso8859, win1252, none, or specify no encoding, you must specify what is encoding you use. In the source dialog, select the Language and encoding sheet and then set the right encoding in the Encoding of original non-Unicode fields combo box.

Id name lookup dialog

In the above screenshot, the encoding has been set to Windows Western Europe, code page 1252.

GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\Firebird contains the samples.