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Use this sheet to select what resource types to localize. Check those resource types you want to localize. Uncheck those resource types you don't want to localize. Possible resource types are:

Resource type Value Description
Accelerator (RT_ACCELERATOR) resource 9 Accelerator table.
AniCursor (RT_ANICURSOR) resource 21 Animated cursor.
AniIcon (RT_ANIICON) resource 22 Animated icon.
Bitmap (RT_BITMAP) resource 2 Bitmap resource.
Cursor (RT_CURSOR) resource 1 Hardware-dependent cursor resource.
Dialog (RT_DIALOG) resource 10

Dialog box.

DlgInclude (RT_DLGINCLUDE) resource 5

Allows a resource editing tool to associate a string with an .rc file. Typically, the string is the name of the header file that provides symbolic names. The resource compiler parses the string but otherwise ignores the value. For example

DlgInit (RT_DLGINIT) resource 17 MFC dialog info resource.
Font (RT_FONT) resource 240 Font resource.
FontDir (RT_FONTDIR) resource 8 Font directory resource.
Form (RT_RCDATA) resource 7

Application-defined resource. This is considered raw data. Delphi uses this resource type to store form data (.DFM).

Group cursor (RT_GROUP_CURSOR) resource 12 Hardware-independent cursor resource.
Group icon (RT_GROUP_ICON) resource 13 Hardware-independent icon resource.
HTML (RT_HTML) resource 23 HTML resource.
Icon (RT_ICON) resource 3 Hardware-dependent icon resource.
Manifest (RT_MANIFEST) resource 24 Side-by-Side Assembly Manifest.
Menu (RT_MENU) resource 4 Menu resource.
Messagetable (RT_MESSAGETABLE) resource 11 Message-table entry.
PlugPlay (RT_PLUGPLAY) resource 19 Plug and Play resource.
Ribbon (RT_RIBBON_XML) resource 28 Ribbon resource.
String (RT_STRING) resource 6

String-table entry.

Toolbar (RT_TOOLBAR) resource 241 MFC toolbar resource.
Version (RT_VERSION) resource 16

Version resource.

VXD (RT_VXD) resource 20

Device driver resource.

The amount and type of resources depend on your Delphi or Visual C++ application or library. In addition to these standard resources, there can be any number of user defined resource types. Those resources do not have a type id but a type name.