Existing Translations

Existing translations or translation storage is a collection of translations. It is either a file or a database. The translations in translation storage contain certain terms or sentences in two or more languages. Soluling handles translation storage as a read-only item. It reads a translation from the translation storage but does not modify them.

Translation storage formats

Application supports following translation storage formats:

Translation storage Description
Binary file

Binary file that contains translations.


Comma-separated values file that contains translations.


Database that contains translations.

Delphi translation repository

Delphi's translation repository file.

EDICT dictionary

EDICT dictionary file (home page)


Excel file that contains translations.

Microsoft Translation and UI Strings glossary

Microsoft's glossary file that contains translations used by Microsoft products. Files use CSV format and .csv file extension. You can download language specific zip file that contains several glossaries from MSDN download page.


PO file pair. If you have two PO file that contain the same items but in different languages you can use the files as translation storage.

Text file

Regular expression defined text file that contains translations.


Translation Memory Exchange file.


XML Localization Interchange File Format file.

Database, Excel, Microsoft glossary, text, TMX, and XLIFF are the most important translation storage formats. Other formats are considered as legacy formats.

Using a translation storage

You can import translation from translation storage into your project file. Translate sheet in the ribbon bar contains Import and Export section. Click Import file if your translation storage is a file. Click Import database if your translation storage is a database. In both cases, the application starts the Import Wizard that lets you specify the translation storage and the import options.

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