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Start View

Start View

The start view is the view that appears when you start the application. The view contains items that make it possible to quickly create new projects, open an existing project, browse sample projects, communicate between team members, read the news, and get support.

Open and create controls

Click New from File to select a file that you want to localize and to create a new Soluling project for that file.

Click New from Directory to select a directory where you want to localize specific files.

Click New from SQL Database to select a SQL database that you want to localize and to create a new Soluling project for that database.

Click New from NoSQL Database to select a NoSQL database that you want to localize and to create a new Soluling project for that database.

Click Open project to browse an existing project file and to open it.

Click Open sample project to browse the samples directory and to open a project from there.

Click Product Site to go to Soluling's web pages.

Click Support to go to Soluling's support pages.

Click Update available to update your Soluling to the most recent build. This is visible only if you have an old version installed and you have an active support and maintenance subscription.

Recent Projects

A panel that shows the project files that you have recently opened. To open a project, click the item on the list.

Your Translate Jobs

A panel that shows the translated jobs assigned to you. A translate job is a Soluling project upload to the Soluling cloud. Select the project you want to translate. Soluling downloads the project from the cloud to your local computer and you can start working on it. Once you have finished working on the project, click Upload translations button to upload your translations to the Soluling cloud where the project owner can get the translations.


A panel that shows product news. To view the news in a browser, click the item on the list.


A panel that lets you browse all sample projects that come with Soluling. On the left side of the panel, there are sample groups. If you move a mouse on the top of a group, the samples of the group will appear on the right side of the panel. If you click the group button, the group will be locked. To unlock the group, click it again, or click another group. The sample panel can group samples in two ways.

The first is by platforms. When chosen, there is one group for each platform, such as Android, iOS, Delphi, WPF, etc. This lets you easily access all samples of the platforms you want. This option also lets you browse all the samples.

The second is by features. When chosen, there is one group for each feature or resource kind, such as images, messages, plurals, language switch. For example, the plural group shows all plural related samples no matter what the platform. Use this option when you want to access all similar projects among different platforms quickly.

You can turn samples on/off and choose the option by right-clicking anywhere in the start view to open the Start View Options dialog.