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Qt write options

Qt write options

Use this sheet to specify how localized .ts files are written.


Specifies the active configuration. You can add any number of configurations. This makes it possible to create multiple output files with different properties easily.

Localized resources contain

Specifies what resource items are written to the localized resource files. Possible values are:

Value Description
Different items If checked, Soluling writes only those resource items where the value of the item is different from the original value. If the edit sheet has a translation, but it is the same as the original, the value is not written. This is the default value.
Translated items

If checked, Soluling writes those resource items that are translated. In other words, a value has been entered into an edit sheet.

All items If checked, Soluling writes all resource items to the localized resource file. If no translation is entered in the edit sheet, the original value is written.

If you use Different items or Translated items, value Soluling can greatly optimize the localized resource files' size. This will also fully enable the platform's build-in language fallback (e.g., .NET, Android, or Java). If you choose All items, no runtime fallback is done, but Soluling does fallback on the build process.


Check Compile created .ts files to binary .qm files if you want that Soluling also compiles the localized .ts files into binary .qm files. Soluling uses Qt's lrelease.exe tool when compiling. Use Qt options to specify the Qt tools directory.

Check Compress .qm files if you want that compiled .qm file to be compressed.