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Multilingual options

Use this sheet to specify how multilingual output file created.


Specifies the active configuration. You can add any number of configurations. This makes it possible to create multiple output files with different properties easily.

When writing localized items that does not have all translations

Specifies what value is written in the localized items in the case the translation does not yet have any value. A localization item is either a database field or XML attribute or element. Possible values are:

Value Description
Use original value Write the original value.
Use empty value Write an empty value.
: If the field type is not string the the original value is used.
Use null value Database: Write a null value. If the field can not be null then write empty value.
XML: Remove attribute or element.
Do not write/change item Do not write the localized item but leave it as it is.

When you are localizing file this option is not visible unless your have turned on multilingual output files.