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Localized application files

Localized application files

A localized application contains support for one language and one language only. It always starts in that language, no matter the application or operating system settings. You don't have to change your code in order to create localized files.

The following table contains the original English application and German, French and Japanese versions of it.

File Description
Application.exe The original application file created by the development tool. Resources are in English.
de\Application.exe The German application file created by Soluling. Identical to the original application except resources are in German.
fr\Application.exe The French application file created by Soluling.
ja\Application.exe the Japanese application file created by Soluling.

You only deploy one exe file. If you deploy the German exe file, it will always start in German no matter what are the operating system or its settings. Because you have several exe files to choose from, the setup file gets more complicated and larger. Once installed you can not change the language. This is why some developers prefer a multilingual solution where the user change the language on run time or choose what language the application starts.