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HTML options

HTML options

Use this sheet to specify how HTML is localized.


Specifies HTML options. Possible values are:

Value Description
Clean syntax

If checked, Soluling cleans the syntax of HTML-code during the build process.
For example, if you have an attribute without quotes, Soluling adds quotes.

<h1 align=left>

becomes to

<h1 align="left">
Keep text format If checked, Soluling preserves spaces and line breaks. Otherwise, all leading and trailing spaces and all line breaks will be removed from the scanned text.
Scan images If checked, Soluling scans images used by the HTML files making it possible to replace them in localized pages.
Use original entities if checked, Soluling uses the same entities as in original file when writing localized files.


Specifies what attributes are localized.


Specifies what characters are written as HTML encode format.


Specifies if scripts and styles are localized. Check Scan scipts to scan scrips and styles.

Value Description
Styles If checked, Soluling scans styles.
Client scripts If checked, Soluling scans client-side scripts (e.g., JavaScript).
Server scripts If checked, Soluling scans server-side scripts (e.g., ASP, JSP, and PHP scripts).