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Select File

Select File

Use this sheet to select a file or files you want to localize. The left side of the panel shows the directory structure. Use it to select the directory where your file or files exists. The right side of the panel shows the files in the selected directory. By default, the panel shows only those files that Soluling can localize (the combo box value is All supported files). If your file does not use the default file extension of the file format, then choose All files from the right bottom side combo box. This will make the panel to show all files. If you want to show files of a single format, select the appropriate value from the combo box.

Once you select a file, it will be shown in the File name edit box. You can select multiple files by clicking the Ctrl or Shift button at the same time when you click the mouse to select a file. You can also enter wild card characters into the File name edit box. For example, if you want to localize all .resx file type *.resx. Click All similar files to quickly turn the current filename into a wild card name. For example Sample.resx turns into *.resx.

You can also write the directory path into the File name edit. Once you press Enter the directory you wrote will be selected as the selected dir, and the left and right panels will be updated to show the new selection. If you type ".." into the File name edit, the parent directory of the current directory will be selected.

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