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Project file

Use this sheet to specify the Delphi project file that was used to create the file you are localizing. A project file is needed if you want that Soluling scans comments of resource string items or your want to make sure that resource strings ids are fully unique.

Project file name

Specifies the Delphi project files (.dpr). Enter the value or click ... to browse the file.

Enter this if your unit names have "_" in their file names, and those units use resource strings also having "_" in their names. If the project file is not specified, Soluling can not determine the exact resource string context. For example, if My_File.pas and My.pas units and has the following resource string

  My_Sample_String = 'This is a sample';
  File_String = 'This is a sample';

In the above case where both unit names and strings resource names contain "_" and party same strings, it becomes impossible to correctly specify the id of the string. Having access to the project file makes it possible to find the exact resource id. This is why it is highly recommended to specify the project file. Anyway, even without it, Soluling can localize your Delphi applications.

Resource string options

Check Scan source code to find resource string comments if you want that Solulings scans the comment values of resource string items. Enter the comment tag name(s) to the edit box. Separate multiple names with a semicolon (;).

Check Scan exclude tags if you want that the resource strings having exclude-tags are automatically excluded. Enter the exclude tag name(s) to the edit box. Separate multiple names with a semicolon (;).