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Cloud Translation

Cloud Translation

Will be available in the future!

Cloud translation is a feature that makes it possible to translate your Soluling projects in the cloud. You don't have to use Cloud translation in order to send translation packages to your translators, but using Cloud translation just makes it easier. You no longer need to send translation packages, and your translators do not need to install Soluling. Translators can use either the Soluling desktop or browser application to translate the project. When using the browser application, multiple translators can work simultaneously with the same language. At the same time when your translators are working on uploaded translations, you can keep developing your application.

If you use manual localization then the process looks like this.

Manual cloud translation

Repeat this process each time a new string has introduced or something has changed an existing string. You don’t have to wait to get translations back from translators. If you upload a new version of the project, the Soluling cloud safely updates the current project with the new data. Translators working with the browser application will see the changes immediately. Translators working with the desktop application get notified and they can update their local copied in a single button click.

If you use continious localization then the process is very similar.

Continious localization cloud translations

The build server repeats this process each time a new string has introduced or an existing has been modified.