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3rd party program

3rd party component program

When creating applications, it is very common to use 3rd party components. Platforms such as VCL, Windows Forms and WPF have a huge amount of component libraries. Many of those libraries provide some UI components. Therefore it is very important that the component vendor has internationalized the components and the application using the component library can be localized.

To make is easier for you to choose the right UI component library that does not prevent your localization process, we have Soluling’s 3rd party component. Our developers have tested all the component libraries in the program. This process involves the following steps.

Currently, the program is open for the component libraries using the following platforms:

Platform Description
Delphi, VCL See the current component library list here.
Windows Forms See the current component library list here.

If the component library you use is not in the abive lists, Soluling can in most cases localize your application. Soluling always uses the standard localization method of the platform. If the component vendor has followed the standard localization method, Soluling can localize applications using the component library. If the component library uses a proprietary localization method, it may be that Soluling can not localize all strings.

We want to have all major component libraries in the program. If you are using a component library that is not on the list, contact the vendor, link this page and ask them to join.

If you are a component vendor and want to join, send your component library (not trial but fully working) to us and our developers will evaluate it. If we find any issues, we will report it to you and you can fix tem. If we find no issue, we will add your component library in the supported 3rd party component list.